Jenna’s Reading Reflection

This trimester, I completed about 3 books. I didn’t read anything too challenging, but the book Witnesses to War had some vocabulary that I didn’t know, but it explained it all…

I really enjoyed the Clique series, because I liked that the books were from two different perspectives. I specifically liked Invasion of the Boy Snatchers because it had a lot of twists (like most of the books in the series do). My favorite author right now is probably the author of the Clique series- Lisi Harrison. She writes her books with many twists and comes up with any different and unusual scenarios that are usually very funny. She also adds a lot of comedy and jokes in her books, which makes them more fun and appealing to read…

I like reading realistic-fiction the best (and I always have) because I find it interesting that the stuff in the books can actually happen; and that I can sometimes relate to it. I read a few new genres this trimester, including non-fiction, poetry, and science-fiction. My goal in the beginning of the trimester was to read some different genres, and I did. Another goal I had was to read 30 pages every night- which I definitely did.

My goals for the upcoming trimester is to read a total of 16 books, as well as find another good series like the Clique. I also want to find a new favorite book (with the series) and author.I want to read even more genres next trimester too.

I hope to reach all my goals and getting book recommendations should help me.

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3 thoughts on “Jenna’s Reading Reflection

  1. Hi my name is Daisy and I am from California. I think it’s great that you met all your goals. I can tell that you’re a good reader. I think it’s good that you are trying to read new and different genres. Your goals are really high and I am sure you will meet them. I think I might start to read the clique series. It sounds like it’s a good book series.

  2. I’m from California and I know how you feel Jenna. I mean, it’s not like I don’t like reading; I just don’t always find good books to read. Every once in a while though, I found the book series. Hm, the Clique sounds pretty good. What’s it about? If you need something to read, read “A Wrinkle in Time”; it’s my favorite book! For a book series, I really like the Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan.

  3. Hi I’m from California. I also like the Clique Series, actually it’s one of my favorites, I still haven’t read Invasion of the Boy Snatchers , but I’m going to try read it. I also like realistic fiction because I sometimes think that what I read might happen to me. You should try reading the Divergent series if you haven’t already. Some other series I likes were Harry Potter, those are actually really good books you should try them. Another good series is the Percy Jackson books, I loved them. Well that’s it. Bye

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