Justin’s Reading Reflection

In this trimester I read 2.5 books all over 500 pages long. My goal was to complete the thirteenth reality series and I’m only 2.5 books into the 4 book series. I wasn’t challenged by any of the books too much but some times I did have to go back a few times to read one sentence again. I think the best book was the 1st book in the series. My favorite author is James Dashner the author of the Maze Runner and the 13th reality series and my favorite genre is science fiction. I’m almost 3 fourths done with the series and my goal. My new goal is to finish James Dashner books and start reading nonfiction books.

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2 thoughts on “Justin’s Reading Reflection

  1. Hi Justin! I’m an 8th grader at RJ Frank Middle School in California. ☀️ I too have read the Maze Runner and it is now one of my all time favorite books! I literally never put that book down. I was so attached to that book when I saw the movie I cried lol! 😂 I was kind of disappointed though because it left out so much detail!!! I’m going to start reading the second book, the Scorch Trails. Hopefully it’s just as enjoyable! 😜

  2. Hi Justin! I’m a student from RJ frank in Oxnard, CA. I feel how you’re feeling about reading the whole thirteen series. It’s really hard to read that many books because reading 30 books in three trimesters is mostly like being a millionaire (a million words read) what I want to be. So keep up the work and try to finish the book. I know you can and you know I could be a millionaire. Good luck!👍👌😄

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