Kristine’s Reading Trimester Reflection

In the second trimester of the year, I have read around 10 books. Most of the books I read were realistic fiction and fantasy because I really like those books with the adventures and the crazy characters, who did things that you would never do. My favorite book of not only this trimester, but both of the trimesters was “My Sister’s Keeper,” a realistic fiction book about a family with a daughter who has cancer. I thought the book was well written and had a very twisted ending that I enjoyed a lot. This book kept making me want more and more. I also loved reading the book “The Fault in our Stars,” another book about cancer, but with more of a romance side. I like the fake stories with real problems in it. I don’t really have a favorite author right now, I love a mix of books with different authors. I really  didn’t make much progress with my goals because even though I read a lot of books, I did not get to read a mix of genres like I wanted to because my goals were to read a book from every genre. I did not get to read many poetry, or  Mystery, or historical fiction.    

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