The cool wind blew against my face making my cheeks sting. The snow packed under my feet and crunched as I walked home. Winter break finally I’d be alone! My parents had to go see family the day after Christmas, so I’d be home alone for the next week. Yes! I walked up the path thinking what I would do with my time.

I open the door and yelled “Mom I’m home.”

“Hi Lauren how was,school?”

“Fine,” I replied and walked into the kitchen to get some fresh cookies my mom had just baked.

“When we are gone I Don’t want you out of the house when it’s dark, Do You Understand Me?”


(Oh great, another one of these talks.)

“I’m just trying to keep you safe. Please listen to me!”

“I know!” I replied as I walked up the stairs to my room.

I jumped into my bed and started to read my book. A little while later my mom called me down for dinner. I sat down in my seat and started eating. Tonight we are having soup.

“Lauren,” my dad said, (here we go again) “when we leave for Illinois make sure you don’t answer the door for anyone, pick up the phone and tell them any information that we are not home, and do not leave the house when its dark.

“And also keep all the doors locked!” My mom added.

“I know, I’m fifteen, I’ll be fine!” I snapped.

After we finished eating I went up to my room to watch a movie, then I fell asleep.

Finally it was the night before my parents left and I couldn’t sleep, so I crept into the kitchen to get some left over chrispy christmas cookies. I heard the floor creak as I tiptoed down the hall. The cookies tasted so fresh and sweet and buttery. I was starting to get a little bit nervous about my parents leaving.
What if something happens?

No I’ll be fine.

The next morning I heard my parents down stairs getting ready to leave. So I got out of bed to say good bye.

“Bye love you, see you in a few days,” they said walking out the door.

“Bye love you too.”

As soon as I heard the door click shut I grab my phone and called my friends to see if they wanted to sleep over.

“Hi, Grace do you want to come over today?”

“Ok, bye see you soon.”

“Oh, and tell Ella she is invited too.”

After I hung up I went into the kitchen to get some breakfast and shortly after I finished Grace was knocking at the door. So I rushed over to open it.

“Hey” I said.

“Hi” She replied.

“Guess what, we have the whole house to ourselves.”

“Really, where are your parents?”

“They had to go to Illinois.”


“So I was thinking we could go into town later to shop and get some lunch.”

Grace and I were sitting up in my room reading some magazines when we heard a knock at the door.

“It’s probably Ella,” I said to her walking down the stairs.

I opened the door and two big men who looked like they just escaped prison grabbed us and put a hand over our mouth so we couldn’t scream. We could only kick and squirm, but the way the tightened their grip on us I knew were not getting any where.

We were Dead Meat!

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