Melissa’s Reading Reflection

This trimester i approximate (but not 100% sure) that i read 42 books.  Yes, that may seem like a lot, but as reading is my only hobby it makes sense… The most challenging book i read this trimester and possibly ever was the Anne Frank  Holocaust Diary.  It was very depressing but the worst part about it was to know that it really happened to people the same as i am and you are, (whoever you are) and yet it happened to 13 year old Anne Frank. The best book i read this trimester was The Golden Compass Onimbas (Onimbas isn’t the title, just a fancy way of saying 3 books in one really big book). I loved the magical story line and how it was different from anything I’ve ever read. Also the concept that their souls are walking right beside them really caught my attention and was the main reason i picked up the book. My favorite genre this trimester was probably realistic fiction. I read a lot of really good books that were realistic fiction and i really enjoyed them. I completed my goal of reading the Jurassic Park Series and finish the 30 Book Challenge. My goal this trimester was to get a 100 on all my letter essays and be more focused and productive in the classroom.

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11 thoughts on “Melissa’s Reading Reflection

  1. Hey I’m from California and I also read the depressing story of Anne Frank. I had a little trouble reading that book too but I passed it. I have read only 14 books this year (sad compared to how many books you’ve read) and it’s already 3rd trimester. I hope you get a 100 on all your letter essays.

  2. Hi I’m From California and I also like the Jurassic park series . I have read about 12 books this whole year (which is a little bit compared to how much you’ve read ) oh and I like your name it reminds me of my cousin in Mexico

  3. Hey I’m from California and I also read the depressing story of Anne Frank. I hope you meet your goal on getting 100 on all your letter essays.

  4. I’m from California and I find it amazing how you’ve already read 42 books. On the other hand I haven’t read as much books I wanted too. My favorite book is the Pigman because it’s the kind of books that I like. Anyways I really do hope you reach your goal of getting 100 on your letter essay’s.

  5. Hi I am from Oxnard, CA. I have also read Anne Frank’s Holocaust diary. I am interested in these kinds of books because I love to learn about history but also the Holocaust is a terrible tragedy.😪 (I’m not sure if you can see these emoji’s but I hope you can😉😘😂)

  6. I am Jason from Oxnard California from RJ Frank how do you read so many books because I need to read more for my book quizzes and what books do you recommend.

  7. Hey Melissa, my name is Rhys from Oxnard, California and an 8th grader. I liked reading the book Anne Frank Holocaust Diary and I agree that the book is very depressing. Currently I have read 12 books and it’s already 3rd Trimester. Hopefully you finish your goal before the trimester ends.

  8. Hi my name is Carlos. I live in Oxnard California. I am an 8th grader at R.J. Frank Middle School. I like that book you read, Diary of Anne Frank. I read that book too and I loved it. I wish I could read 42 book but sadly I only have 12 books read.

  9. I’m from California. I do agree you read A LOT of books in a trimester. I haven’t read so many books so I’m wondering which books you recommend. I feel like reading the book about Anne Frank now. I try to force myself to read more, but I got 14 books read so far in my last trimester. I hope you complete your goal.

  10. Melissa , congratulations on reading so many books. I get distracted easily if I am trying to read. If you read so many books will you please recommend some books so I can read them on my free time.

  11. You are quite the book worm Melissa. Reading is such a wonderful thing to do, but I wonder how you managed to read so many books. I have never read Anne Frank Holocaust Diary. I would like to though.

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