Reading Reflection

I read 44 books this trimester (the second trimester). I read a lot of books that I wouldn’t usually read this trimester, I read some traditional literature, poetry and historical fiction. I also read some challenging books such as ¨13 Reasons Why¨ which is high school level. And I think that it’s fine to read above your level sometimes. My favorite book that I read in this second trimester was ¨Looking For Alaska¨ because it had a strong plot and meaning. It was a powerful book. My favorite author right now would be Lisi Harrison (who wrote The Clique series) because I love how I can relate to her books and how they kept me hooked in. I loved getting to know the characters and when I learned their secrets I was even MORE hooked in. My favorite genre is Realistic Fiction or Fantasy because for Realistic Fiction, I can easily relate to books and I like that because I am either feeling their same feelings or I have had experience in the characters situations. For Fantasy, it’s fun to take little journeys and to pretend I’m in that world. I know that they are two completely different genres but it’s nice to have a change also. I have made a lot more progress this trimester in terms of reading more books and reading different genres. My goals for next trimester is to read more traditional literature and to read more informational since I haven’t read any informational books.

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2 thoughts on “Reading Reflection

  1. Forty-four books! Wow, Sumer. I wish I were able to read that much. And I’m glad that you are reading books that challenge you. You’re obviously ready for that. I know some good high-school level books, if you’re interested.

  2. the clique! I love Lisi Harrison, if you like her you should read the Pretenders also by her and then the 2nd book in that series, it has lot of drama and is very suspenseful…still waiting for the 3rd to come out, every book in that series has ended in a cliff hangers so far.

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