Rory’s Third Trimester Reading Reflection & Goals

I have read 10 books this trimester. One book that I was slightly confused by was Surrender Tree, by Margarita Engle. It was a poetry book, and the language that it spoke was very confusing. There were a lot of paltry paragraphs, and long words, some of which involved very hard thinking .
The best book that I have read this trimester was Lockdown: Escape From Furnace. It had all of the right ingredients for a great realistic story. It’s setting was very futuristic, a utopian society with lots of troublemakers. Thats where Furnace comes in. It is a jail for the worst criminals in the world. There is almost no escape. Almost.
My favorite genre would probably be realistic fiction. This is because I like to see how the character evolves, and dodges danger to survive because that’s what most realistic fiction books are about. The character is usually in a life or death situation.
My favorite author right now would be Alexander Gordon Smith. He is the man who wrote the Furnace series. I like the way he writes, because he has a unique way of writing.
My goal was to finish the 30 book challenge. I have about 9 books to go so far. During the third trimester, I hope to finish the 30 book challenge at a good pace.
I would also like to read more non-fiction books. This way I can read good books, and learn the information that is in it.

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13 thoughts on “Rory’s Third Trimester Reading Reflection & Goals

  1. Hi my name is Maria, I liked your paragraph about the books you have read. Have you read The Giver? It’s a really intresting book. You should also watch the movie!

  2. It’s good that your goal of books is nice and high. I like the same kind of genre of books, realistic fiction, I feel is the best kind of books there is. I also like to read books that have real information about the world.

  3. i enjoyed reading your reflection on the book you read . It makes me want to read it. It’s amazing that you read a book that you didn’t understand and suck with it. I can see you like reading.

  4. Good job on reading all those books in the three- trimesters you guys have. They all sound very interesting.. I may want to read one of them myself one day.

  5. Good job on finding a good book that you really enjoy. I hope you find good books and pass those 9 books by the end of the trimester.

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