The Lost Island





The Lost Island


As I jumped onto the sand I could see the small boat bouncing up and down and the American flag waving back and forth because of the strong winds and waves. I yelled and yelped so the boat could see me which they did and they started toward me. The boat looked to be a 22 foot Grady White with a Yamaha 200 on the back.

The boat definitely saw me.

The smell of gasoline coming from the overused motor smelled nasty and made me want to throw up. I look back up at the mountain to see it shaking and rocks and boulders falling down at a very fast and forceful speed. Then out of nowhere, the volcano erupts behind me and all I can hear is a loud bang and lava and rocks flying out of the volcano. I run to the water and yell, “Come on, the volcano just erupted.”

“We are coming as fast as we can.”

It didn’t look like they were going as fast as they could but the water was so shallow they had to make sure that the boat didn’t get caught.

The lava was getting closer and closer.

I started to run but I tripped on a coconut and fell hard onto the sand and got a mouthful of dry sand. The boat was close enough to swim but I didn’t want to loose all the gold I was trailing behind me.

For a second I think about if I should risk it and wait for boat to get close enough to put all the gold on the boat…

Should I do it.

Just in time to, when I put my foot on the boat I could feel the lava right next to my foot but I got on at the perfect time. “Where did you get all that gold,” said the woman driving the boat.

“I found it in that hut,” I pointed up at the mountain but the lava had covered it.

“Nice find kid,” said the older man, “Now lets get you home.”

The ride back home was nice and I will never forget my adventure of a lifetime.

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