George’s Letter-Essay #9

To the class  3/2/15

I am reading the book Skink no surrender by Carl Hiaasen and the book is 281 pages. I got the book because I have enjoyed his other books like flush and scat. The book is about Richard a boy who lost his father and lives with his stepfather and his mom. He has to team up with a new friend when he finds out his cousin is missing. The book rimed me of the other books by this author because they are all set in Florida,  I liked the way the author ended every chapter with suspense.the passage I am going to quote is the opening /part of the first chapter I think it starts the suspense of the book well.


“I walked down the beach and waited for Malley but she didn’t show up.


The moon was full and the ocean breeze felt warm. Two hours I sat there on the sand -no Malley. in the beginning it was just annoying, but after a while i began to worry that some thing was wrong.


My cousin in sprite of her issues is a punctual person.


I kept calling her cell phone but it went straight to her voice mail, which Malley was courting a British accent :” I’m in the loo. Ring you back later!” I didn’t leave a message i didn’t text either.


In case somebody else had her phone .


Somebody like her dad who’s my uncle. He takes away Malleys phone like twice a week in punishment for acting up, acting out, whatever.still when she’s in trouble at home, she always finds a way to sneak out to the beach.


A few turtle people were scouting the shore line, waging their flashlights. I walked north’ as Malley and I usually did.”


page 1

I quoted this because it is descriptive and it tells you the some of the characters. It is  a good way to get into the book because it is the first  page.

I give this book a 8/10 it is a fun read and it is cool learning bout the characters.








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