Johanna’s Letter Essay #9

Dear class,
I just finished reading the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. It was a 400 page book and in the category of traditional literature. This book is about 4 young women in 18th century. The March sisters go through journeys of life from girlhood to being a women. They are stuck in the civil war with their father fighting for America. As they struggle through life they teach important lessons to young girls. I chose this book because the librarians of HKMS recommended it. Girls would like this book because it is about how girls behaved in the 18th century. This book had a lot of description and adventure. Even though I am not into romance, I still enjoyed it. This following scene from the book is about how Amy had fallen into a lake while ice skating and her sister had not tried to help her.

“Shivering, dripping, and crying, they got Amy home, and after an exciting time of it, she fell asleep, rolled in blankets before a hot fire. During the bustle Jo had scarcely spoken but flown about, looking pale and wild, with her things half on, her dress torn, and her hands cut and bruised by ice and rails and refractory buckles. When Amy was comfortably asleep, the house quiet, and Mrs. March sitting by the bed, she called Jo to her and began to bind up the hurt hands.” (82)

I quoted this passage because it was one of my favorite paragraphs for all of the description. I rate this book 9 out of 10 because I love journeys and this was one.


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2 thoughts on “Johanna’s Letter Essay #9

  1. I really like how you described the characters in the book, and I also really liked the quote you chose because to me it seemed like a really intense part of the book, and in the 18’00s falling into a lake must be a very big deal. I also noticed how you said that it is based off of the 18’00s, that made me wonder about what a romance story would be like in the 18’00s. Overall I think the Letter Essay was pretty good. Finally, I really liked how you put in so much description in the quoted passage, so that made it really easy for me to understand it.

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