Erin’s Letter Essay #9: “The Fighting Irish”


I just finished reading “The Fighting Irish”. The Fighting Irish’s author is Tim Newark. This book is about the story of an extraordinary Irish soldier.

I chose The Fighting Irish because I enjoy books about war and I am Irish. I love this book it’s one of my favorite war books that I have ever read. And when I read the back BBC History Magazine, Galway Advertiser, Irish Independent, and Andrew Roberts the author or ”The Storm War” all gave good reviews.

So basically this extraordinary soldier leaves his birth place. This Irish soldier is caught in thick war during the 20th century. He was facing slaughter at the Somme,  desperate last stands in Congo, and in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“It seemed that Riley would be next for execution,but General Scott softened his attitude, declaring the remaining prisoners would not be hanged as they had tested before the USA was at war with Mexico. Instead, Riley and the rest were to be given fifty lashes on the bare back and branded with a ‘D’ for deserter on their right cheeks. Days later, US soldiers marched victoriously through the gates of Mexico City. The war was won and California, New Mexico and Texas were incorporated as US territories.” (page 68)This paragraph was about either his war buddy or friend almost being killed in a camp because he or she was a deserter.

I chose that passage because it made me really upset and felt bad for the deserters and I also was mad at them. I had a lot of mixed emotions during this book.

I rated this book an 8 out of 10 because in the beginning of the book i was bored. I like a lot of action and information in war books so I get easily bored. My opinion is different then others because I only like the action packed parts of books.


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