Jake’s Letter Essay #9: Sasquatch


I have just finished reading Sasquatch by Roland Smith. This Fantasy book is 190 pages and is about a boy named Dylan Hickok. One day after Dylan and his dad drop his mom off at the airport, Dylans dad took him by his real Estate office to pick up some papers. Dylan’s father told him to stay in the car but after 10 minutes and his dad still not appearing he gets out of the car and walks into his dads office. When he walks in he sees piles of papers and a map of Mount Saint Helen’s with pins and pictures all around it. But one stood out, A picture of a Sasquatch.  For the next few months his dad join a group called the B.F.I. (Bigfoot international) They go to the monthly meetings and later join a team to help find and kill the Sasquatch. But Dylan thinks it shouldn’t happen, so he sets up a plan with a family friend.I choose this book because it sounded very interesting and I really like the front cover. If I were the author I would have tried to make the book a little longer because if it was longer more scenes and action would take place, making it a better book. Also, I really liked how the author split up the chapters. The way he split them up made the book a lot more suspenseful.

In this scene Dylan just found out that his dad was obsessed with the Sasquatch, so when he got home he went on the computer to search in up. “I went back up to my room. Could there really be a gigantic primate running around Mount Saint Helens that no one knows about? If the Sasquatch doesn’t exist what had dad and the others seen? Dad is a little on the crazy side, but I don’t think he would make something like this up. He had seen something, or he believed that he saw something, and those photos at the B.F.I.  meeting looked real to me. Thoughts like these kept me up until four o’clock in the morning.

The next day at school I floated through my classes like I was a dream. At swim practice I somehow managed to do my laps without drowning.

By the time I got home I was like a zombie. Dad wasn’t there. I stumbled into the kitchen to rummage around for something to eat and saw a newspaper on the counter. Dad must have bought this at the B.F.I. Meeting.”

I chose this passage because this is where the whole book turns from normal to a  adventurous and exciting book. If I had to rate this book i would give a 7 out of 10 because it wasn’t the best book I have ever read but it was high up on the list. Also, because this book is very action packed.

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