Jenna’s Letter-Essay #9: Sealed With a Diss


I just finished reading the book Sealed With a Diss by Lisi Harrison- a 248 page book which is the 8th book in The Clique series. This realistic fiction novel was about a group of 5 girls that call themselves the Pretty Committed (or PC for short)…and get a hold and a very valuable object that could automatically make them “8th grade alphas” for the upcoming year; but, the head of the PC, Massie Block, wants to prove they’re worthy of the item to an older alpha and ends up with more on her plate than she asked for.

I chose this book because I read the past 7 books and they were really good…I chose this series because a friend recommended it. I wish that back of the book didn’t give as much information about the actual book/story as it does because by reading the back of the book, I already figured out a few things that I would have wondered until the very end of the story. I noticed that the author did this with the other books in the series as well. I like the structure of this book and how it give “both sides of the story”. It switches off from Claire Lyons and Massie Block- who have two very different personalities and troubles and that’s what make the book even more interesting I think.

The next passage highlights how the author shows each girl’s personality. Claire Lyons, Massie Block, Dylan Marvil, Kristine Gregory, and Alicia Rivera (the whole PC) need to get into the all boys private school to fix a hidden camera- but the only way they can do it is to invite along Layne Abeley, Claire’s best friend, a know it all who can help to fix their problem; but they can’t tell Layne what they’re really doing and what it’s for…

The girls just got opened the door to the room…

“The door clicked open and the girls hurried inside. Layne clicked off her light…

“It’s nice nice to finally see this place in color,” ALicia noted.

“You’ve seen this room before?” asked Layne

“I mean,” Alicia stammered, realizing her slip, “I mean, ‘cause I got new color contacts, so now I can see color better.”

“What?” Layne giggle-snorted.

“Hey, I thought I told you no questions,” Massia hissed…

“Now, if I have this right, I am looking for a hidden camera, correct?”

“No, we know where the camera is.” Massie sat in one of the chairs and crossed her legs.


“I said no questions,” Massie snapped “All you need to do is help us find the thing that makes the camera work.”…

“…Everyone take a wall and start tapping. If it sounds hollow move on.”…

“Did you find anything yet?” Claire asked as she knocked on the back wall, which was covered in posters…

“Shhhh!” Layne tapped her way across the empty wall to the left of the door.

“If this doesn’t work,Cam and I are over,” mumbled CLaire.

“It better work.” Massie fanned her cheeks with her gloves and crossed her other leg. “I need to know what lies Derrington’s been spreading about me.”

“Do you think we can still find a way to be eighth-grade boy experts without it?” asked Kristen, while taping the chalkboard.

“Opposite of yes,” muttered Alicia, who was walking along the windows, her hand cupped over her ear as though she were listening to a secret…

“Quiet, I hear something,” Dylan whisper-shouted from the corner of the room.

Layne hurried over and placed her stethoscope on the wall next to Dylan’s hand.

“No, not there.” Dylan pressed the chest piece against her stomach. “Here/ Listen to that rumbling. I’m starving.”

Layne pulled  a SLim Jim out of her pocket and whipped it at Dylan” (Sealed with a Diss pages 196-198)

The above passage not only highlights the characters personality (Claire being worked, Dylan being hungry, Massie not doing anything etc.) But, it also has some comedy…

I rate this book a 9  out of 10 because it was definitely one of the more interesting of the series and very dramatic. I also really enjoyed it because this time the ending wasn’t to happy and everything didn’t go “back to normal” which got me into reading the 9th book…I think that many girls would enjoy this because it has some real life situations and it’s humorous and fun!

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