Sumer’s Letter-Essay #9: “Flipped”

The book I’ve just finished reading was “Flipped” by Wendelin Van Draanen. The genre is realistic fiction and it was overall a great book to read.

Bryce, a 7 year old boy, moves into a new neighborhood to be greeted by Julianna, a 7 year old girl. Juli automatically has a crush on Bryce… and she says it’s because of his blue eyes. But Bryce wants nothing to do with Juli. But she always finds him… Bryce thinks that she’s too perky and annoying. But as they grow up, he may start to have feelings for her. It’s now junior high and Juli has learned how to hide her feelings. She only sniffs him now.. yeah, she sniffs him.

I choose this book because I was looking for a fun book to read and I came across this in the library. It seemed like a good book to read and I was right. It had a lot of humor and it was nice to see how they lived their lives and how different it was. As I kept reading on, I learned about the characters and secrets that I would’ve never guessed.

Everybody does not like Juli. She’s too personal and too clingy. But if you get to know her she’s a different person. Bryce hated that she would never leave him alone! He even tried to date her enemy in the 6th grade. Juli started a cat fight with his then, ex-girlfriend.  It was crazy! Juli thought he needed saving but he actually didn’t. It was more of “I’m taken now so leave me alone”… Juli takes everything the wrong way. But, she can be a normal person.. with problems. Bryce, on the other hand was embarrassed to even stand close to her. But soon, he starts to think that she isn’t all that bad.

I liked the way the author made the feeling with Bryce increase,  and made Juli’s feelings decrease. It was kind of cool to see how they sort of switched roles. Hence the name of the book Flipped. I couldn’t understand why they were flipped though. Because Juli liked Bryce sooo much. And Bryce hated her sooo much. But then, Bryce stops running from Juli and she starts running from him.

In this passage, it shows how Bryce and Juli have changed. Bryce tries to find Juli but she’s hiding from him:

“I just wanted to be with her. To hold her hand again. To kiss her. Before school was out, I tried to talk to her again, but every time I got close, she’d dodge me. And then when the final bell range, she disappeared. I looked everywhere for her, but she was just gone. Garrett, however, wasn’t. He tracked me down and said, “Dude! Tell me it isn’t true!” pg. 105.

I quoted this passage because it shows how Bryce wants to be with her now, but she doesn’t want to come close to him.

I would rate this book a seven out of ten because even though it was an interesting book to read, it had no ending. It didn’t tell what happened afterward. But, overall it was a great book if you need something to read. It had an interesting plot.





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