Michael’s letter-essay #9: “The Compound”

I’ve recently read The Compound by, S.A. Bodeen. I read this book because the school librarian recommended it to me. This book is about Eli Yanakakis and when his billionaire computer designer father hears word of a nucular attack he rushes his entire family to the bomb shelter compound, or did he? Turns out  he forgot the grandma and Eli’s twin brother Eddy. But 6 years after being stuck in the compound while the rest of the world is “dead”. Now the food supply is going down, Eli’s father will stop at no costs to make sure his family survives in the compound and Eli finds out that being stuck inside the compound for 6 years may have been pointless. I liked how the author constantly had plot twists, it made me feel like i never knew the truth, just like how the characters in the book feel. I chose this passage because it explains how Eli felt while being rushed into the compound.

“Dad slamming on the brakes. Grabbing Terese. Dad shouting at the rest of us. get out! Run! Run! Run! Following behind him in the dark. Stumbling over rocks in the middle of no were. Mom  running, too, helping us up. The night . So dark. Chilly. My family simply manic shadows alongside me. Stopping at a hole in the ground. Not a hole. A hatch. Dad pushing us, making us climb down. Dad staying up on top. Me screaming for Cocoa. Dad promising to find her. Me going with others. Down into a room. Stairs. So many stairs. Descending. Descending. Descending. To the silver door. A gaping mouth wanting to swallow us. Waiting. Waiting. Precious minutes ticking. Too much time. Mom leading us through the silver door. Dad returning. Me screaming. Silver door closing. Loud. Reverberating in my head. Gram gone. Eddy gone. World? Gone.” (Page 61-62). This passage was about Eli and his family being rushed into the compound. I chose this passage because I thought it would help you understand the situation in this book. I would rate this book 8 out of ten because it was really good but not deserving of 10 out of 10.

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5 thoughts on “Michael’s letter-essay #9: “The Compound”

  1. This book sounds really good and the theme reminds me of the Raft, but I guess it would because it’s by the same author……

  2. I read this book too. I really liked it and really thought it was a greatly detailed book. It is probably one of my favorite books. Do you know if there is a movie?

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