Robbie’s reading reflection

I read 17 books this trimester. The one that challenged me most was Tomes River. The wording of the book was the hardest part. I found that my favorite book was The Revenge of seven. This is because it is fantasy and action and those are my second favorite type. I like historical fiction the most because i just like reading about the troubles people go through and how they get through them. MY Favorite author is Pittacus Lore.  He wrote the I Am number 4 series. MY Progress is advancing by I set my goal 10 books a trimester. I have went over that goal. I finished the 30 book challenge I need to read more poetry and more historical fiction.

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1 thought on “Robbie’s reading reflection

  1. Good explanation on why you like historical fiction books. I agree on why historical fiction books are good and fun to read.

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