Michael’s Letter Essay #9: “The Danger”

I have just finished reading the book The Danger, the third book in the series of Dive. The book was very good, but lacked of detail in parts. The book was written by Gordon Korman. The book was 160 pages long. I choose this book because I have read other books by the same author.

The whole story was about 4 divers named Kaz, Dante, Adriana, and Star. After being hospitalized for an accident while diving weeks earlier, the divers were eager to be back in the water, and diving again. The 4 teenagers were on a summer internship at the Poseidon Oceanographic Institute. The whole story took place on the Caribbean island of Saint-Luc. After an accident on the water with no captain, the kids were injured and then hospitalized after being stranded. Shortly later, they are put up with the task of retrieving the expensive payload of a sunken British ship from 1665. The divers spent hours trying to get to the ocean’s floor, trying to retrieve the massive gold bars, silver coins, and other valuable British jewels. Other drivers raced against the 4 person team, to claim the wreckage. The whole story was short, but it was easy to understand and fun to read. Quoted passage: “I don’t want that treasure, either,” said Dante. “I mean, I still sort of want it. But it’ll kill me if Cutter gets it.” – (Pg. 9). That quote explained that the divers had not a lot of time to get back down to the wreckage before other divers get to it first, as they needed to recover quickly from the hospital then head back down to the ocean floor as fast as they can.

Even though the book was short, the author did a good job describing each scene, which I felt was needed in this book a lot. I thought that the story was good but could have had a little bit better plot line. I would rate this book an 8 out of 10. I gave the book this score, because I would have liked to see a better plot line with a more straightforward ending to the book. I would recommend this book to someone who is interested in this type of book. Overall, the book was very good!

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3 thoughts on “Michael’s Letter Essay #9: “The Danger”

  1. Wow Michael! This looks fantastic! I will try and check out this book in the future. I loved the quote that you chose! It seems short, but you described it so well that it seems worth reading! Keep reading Mike!
    From, Thomas

  2. This seems like a good book. Does the plot feel fast at some parts or is it even? I will pick this book in the future, nice review! You described your quote so no one gets confused, cool! I hope to pick this book up in the future, maybe I will read it over the spring break!


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