Victoria’s Letter Essay #9: “Marley & Me”


I just finished reading Marley a dog like no other. It is 250 pages. It’s by John Grogan. It is about a family who got a golden retriever puppy that is misbehaved, troublesome,  energetic, but also gets his feelings hurt easily and loving. His name is Marley and the 2 some family got a puppy to warm into more responsibly, and latter had several other kids.


One of my favorite parts was the beginning where the dad or narrator tells about his first dog who was very behaved and trainable which everyone loved. The passage is ” All of my friends were jealous, I took walks with him without a leash, he even did his business beside a bush. Everyone loved him.” It shows to me that even though by reading the back even in the first chapter that I knew his fist dog was very behaved and Marly was misbehaved but still he was just as great as his first dog. It showed that it doesn’t matter how a pet looked or how behaved he was it mattered on how much they love you.


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4 thoughts on “Victoria’s Letter Essay #9: “Marley & Me”

  1. I have watched the movie. It was ok, but I should probably read the book… Anyways, I think that the quote you used was a really good choice and example to show a comparison!

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