Justin’s Letter Essay #1: The Thirteenth Reality: Blade of Shattered Hope

I just finished reading the third book of The Thirteenth Reality series. It’s called The Thirteenth Reality : Blade of Shattered hope. It was written by James Dashner the author of the popular Maze Runner series (Which is getting another movie soon), this is a 498 page science fiction book.

In the first book, you are told that a force known to a group of physicists – the Realitants – as the Chikarda holds together alternate realities that are made when someone makes a big difference through a dilemma. The story starts in the perspective of a creature called a waterkelt which is – you guessed it – made of water. It is a creation of the main antagonist, Mistress Jane, a physicist from the Realitants who had discovered a new world that had a Chikarda that she could manipulate to do whatever she wanted, she soon went mad with the power and quit the realitants to work on a scheme to destroy all realities except the one with the manipulated Chikarda, the reality known as the 13th reality. By the end of the first chapter the waterkelt had killed two innocent fishermen and stated that his next target was to eliminate the Higginbottom family. Atticus Higginbottom ( one of the protagonists walking home from his lesson with a man called Mr. Chu when he started to feel strong vibrations coming from his house. As soon as he noticed they were there he started sprinting towards his house, what he shall discover and what becomes of it, you will have to read the book yourself to find out.

My favorite part about this author is that in all of his books he manages to set up a cliff hanger at the end of most chapter’s and here’s an example, (Page 378) As Sofia and Rutger stared at the screen waiting for Sato to give the captured children nanolocator patches in the chaos of the thirteenth, a new light light up on the screen. A look of worry grew on Rutger’s face. “What? What’s wrong?” Asked Sofia. Rutger let out a long and dramatic sigh before replying, “It is just as Master George feared, Tick’s nanolocator has gone dead. We’ve lost all contact with him, he’s gone.”My favorite thing about the book and book series alone is it’s ability to make complex and confusing puzzles that make no sense to the naked eye, but have a perfectly understandable meaning and solution that was in plain sight, it’s what makes the books so enjoyable. I rate this book a 9 out of ten and I hope I can rate the next one even higher.

From, Justin Period 2

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