Justin’s Letter Essay #10: The Thirteenth Reality: The Void of Mist and Thunder

I just finished the first 200 pages of a 483 page book called The 13th Reality : The Void of Mist and Thunder. It is written by my most favorite author, James Dashner, he also wrote he popular series “Maze Runner”. This book is a Science Fiction / Adventure / Mystery type genre. He’s my favorite author because he can always mix mystery with adventure to make you wonder what is going on and how is it happening.

This one actually starts in the perspective of the most main protagonist, Tick or his real name Atticus Higginbottom, who is (last we saw him) stranded on a beach with his arch enemies Mr. Chu of the 5th and Mistress Jane. This beach is located in a reality named the Nonex, where everything makes no sense what so ever. The Nonex is the place where you go if you see one of your alternates from a different reality, it was first discovered by Chu of the 5th reality and it is said that when you do see your alternate self, only one of the 2 people who see each other actually go to the Nonex, the other stays and lives to tell the tale. Chu of the 5th is the corrupt ruler of the 5th reality and was sent to the Nonex when he saw Mr. Chu from reality prime (otherwise known as the 1st reality). The Chu from reality prime is Tick’s science teacher and was captured by the 5th Chu, while Tick was in the fifth, the 2 of them saw each other and the Evil Mr. Chu was then sent to the Nonex. It is rumored that nobody has every gone to the Nonex and escape back to reality prime to tell the tale, but with Tick and Mistress Jane’s mysterious and natural powers combined, they have a chance to escape. Nobody knows why Mistress Jane has her power’s but they know they were super charged when she was melded with Chu’s machine back in the battle of the 5th. However Tick has his powers because all of his alternate selfs from the other realities are dead, however, why they are dead and how this gives Tick his powers is unknown.

I think that this book is a great book because shows more creativity and thought than most books that I’ve ever read. This passage from the book shows this. (Page 43)

“Tick sat on a rock and stared at the ocean.

Though it wasn’t any normal ocean. The color of it changed about every three minutes, going from blackish-blue to red to orange, morphing in waves as though someone flew along the surface, spilling huge buckets of food coloring. Fish leaped out of the waters, but sometimes land animals did as well. Deer. Lions. Elephants.

The Nonex made no sense whatsoever. And things seemed to be growing even more unstable lately, sharp upticks in madness. Like the thumping sound and earthquake attack of the day before. It was all a mixed soup for senses, and it was beginning to make Tick want to hit somebody. Namely a grumpy, arrogant man named Reginald Chu.”


I rate this book a 9.5 out of 10 so far.

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