Jake F.’s Letter Essay #10: The Right Fight

I have just finished reading The Right Fight by Chris Lynch. This book is book 1 of a two book series. I chose the book because I have read other books by Chris Lynch and I have really liked them, so i thought that this would be a good book for my next read.

This book is about a baseball player named Roman who likes baseball almost as much as he likes his own country, the U.S. This book takes place around the start of world war II, so when he wins his last game of the East shore league championships he enrolls in the U.S. army, but he doesn’t get right into the war like he thought he would. He goes through weeks upon weeks of training in the southeast of the United States, far from the real war in Europe.

If I were the author I would have made more chapters in this book. Some of his other books had 29+ chapters but this book only had 9. I liked how the author brought two different subjects together to make one great book.

In this scene Roman’s girlfriend leaves the ballpark to give Roman some time at the last baseball field that he will be at for a while, ” She’s going home. Home , Maryland , the shore. Home, right up the street in fact. Myself, I go straight from here to the train station, ride back to Boston tonight. Pack up, eat a little, sleep even less, then get on with it.

“Maybe we should leave it here for now, huh?” I say.

“Sounds like exactly what we should do” she says.

“Right here. This field for now.”

“You go. I’m going to wait  a little longer. trains not here for a bit yet…”

“And you want the park to yourself”

” Well, sorta”

“Last man standing,” she says, walking backward off the mound, letting her hand slip off my cheeks.

“Last man standing,” I say “Pg. 41

I quoted this passage because this is the last scene before he goes off into basic training  for the army and this is one of the best parts of the book. If I had to rate this book on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a 7.5 because it is not my favorite book but it is a good book and high up on the list.



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11 thoughts on “Jake F.’s Letter Essay #10: The Right Fight

  1. Hey jake I believe I’ve read the right fight and from I remember it was a good book have a nice day Alex

  2. Good job Jake, I could really understand what was happening in the book just by reading your Letter Essay. I also liked the way you put in a lot of dialogue in the quoted passage because I could really understand Romans love for baseball. Great Job Jake

  3. I really liked how described the book but didn’t give away too much of the ending or the book for that matter. Very well done.

  4. Good review I like what you quoted , it is a good area.
    I am wondering if you have. Read the second is that your next one.


    1. I have just finished reading the second book and just found out that there is a third book in the series that I would also like to read.

  5. The book sounds pretty good. I liked your quoted passage. It differently explained the scene. You should finish reading the series.

  6. you made a nice short breakdown summary of the book, but the quote seemed a little too short…

  7. This sounds like a good book and the letter essay discribes it very well, so keep reading new books and keep up the good work.

  8. this sounds like a good book, I’ve heard a lot about this author and I’m interested in reading some of his books

  9. Jake, your letter essay is very well written. My favorite part of your letter essay was the quoted passage. For me, at least, it drove home your point of how good this book is. Your comment about how the author brought two interesting topics together was a great point too. Altogether, nice job.

  10. Great letter essay jake! One thing I think you could’ve added was a longer summary of the book because that would’ve made the letter essay a lot less confusing

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