Jake M.’s Letter Essay #10: Planet Tad

I have just finished reading Planet Tad by Tim Carvell. The novel was 239 pages long. This book is a quick read. This book is about a boy name Tad and he started a blog to start off the new year. His blog will show his mood and most interesting part of that day. His blog goes up until December 31st. But before that he has some goals…

1. Finish the 7th Grade

2. Figure out how to do a kickflip on his skateboard

3. Get girls to notice him

4. He wants to finally start shaving

Will Tad achieve his goals?  Read more the book to find out! I chose this book to read because of the cover. The cover looked interesting. The book summarizes (without giving away the ending) It was December 31st Tad made a plan with his friend Jenny. They made a plan to go ice skating. But he has no idea how to skate. If doesn’t know how to skate then why did he make a plan with Jenny? Well… you’re going to have to read the book to find out.  This book reminded me of the first book I read this year Middle School: The worst years of my life by: James Patterson. The genre of this book is fiction because these people and events never took place.  Here is a little bit about the quoted passage I’m about to show you. This next scene is about Tad getting ready for the dance at his school tomorrow with his date. “Tommorow’s the big dance! I went to the dollar depot today and bought some cK One cologne. Well, actually, it’s called dB two, but it smells just like cK one, and it only cost a buck! It’s pretty good-my dad noticed it right when he came home, and I was all the way up in my room. He asked how much I paid for it, and when I told him he said, “That’s a bargain for cologne that strong!”and then opened up all the windows.” This passage was on page 31.  I chose that passage because it was an important day for Tad. I would rate this book and 8 out of 10.


Jake M.

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3 thoughts on “Jake M.’s Letter Essay #10: Planet Tad

  1. What was some of the reasons why you rated your book just 8/10? I also really liked how you put a lot of hooks in the essay to make the reader get more interested and read the book you are talking about. I also really liked the way you described the book with suspense, which really made me just want to read this book right away. Finally I really liked how much description you put into this essay about the book. I really liked the Essay.

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