Ian’s Letter-Essay #10: “A Jewish Soldier in Hitler’s Army”

I just finished reading the book “A Jewish Soldier In Hitlers Army”. I chose this book because i was at the book fair and i saw the title which is kind of an oxymoron and it intrigued me to look at the book and it looked pretty good. The book is pretty much about this guy George Rauch and his life as a teenager to an adult. It starts with stories about how when he was a teen living in Vienna and how him and his mother would hide jews in their attic. Then it continues talking about how he was drafted into Hitlers army and was a Radio Operator for the German infantry. Without revealing his true identity. Which brought him into a war which was already lost and for a cause he was not supporting. It tells the story of how he stayed alive in the trenches, avoided starvation and death during the brutal russian war. Also telling the story of how he survived more than one Soviet POW camps. I liked how the author included photographs of his experience and his own illustrations of his experience. I also found it interesting how the author depicts his adventures and powerful detail with humor and humility almost sometimes making fun of himself or questioning some of his decisions during the book. This is a passage where he explains a group of POW passing by during the brutal russian winter.

“Only a few hundred of us marched away at first ,a column of weary, barefoot men, five to a row,  many with wounds not properly treated to and bandaged. Russian soldiers rode at both sides of the column, their weapons ready to fire.PG.208

I showed you this passage for the intense detail and how it was during this experience of his.

I rate this book a 10/10



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  1. This book sounds good based on how you described it, Ian. I might read it soon, but anyways you did a great job summarizing.

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