Robbie’s Letter Essay #10: “Fallen Angels”

I have recently finished reading the book called Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers. The book it 270 pages long.

This book is about how a boy just out of high school joins the military. He joins during the Vietnam War.  His name is Perry, on his journey through this story he meets many new people and new enemies too. His squad is put into patrol all around Vietnam. He has to fight through disease, death and chaos. I chose this book because I read the back and it just seemed to hook me. The author used many type of authors craft and sign posts. This book contains action, friendship, fear, freedom, and many more feelings. This book was very touching, it had many moments where you could feel the relationship between the two friends. A passage from the book is “We were supposed to smile a lot and treat the people with dignity. They were supposed to think we were the good guys. That bothered me a little. I didn’t like having to convince anybody that I was the good guy. . . . We, the Americans, were the good guys. “ This places when they were doing checks around the villages of the Vietnamese people.  Theses means a lot because the people were supposed to think that the Americans were the good guys because the Americans were fighting for them nd giving them freedom.  I would rate this book 8/10 not my favorite but coming up close.

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2 thoughts on “Robbie’s Letter Essay #10: “Fallen Angels”

  1. Sounds like a good book Rob. There are so many books these days that try to appeal to kids through war and destruction. I actually prefer them because they are action packed and gripping. Thanks for sharing,

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