Hanna’s Letter Essay #11: “Princess Plot”

I have just finished reading “Princess Plot” by Kirsten Boie, a 400-page fantasy novel. I really enjoyed reading this book because I have read it before but this time it just seemed so much different.

In this novel Jenna has a very strict mom who won’t let her do anything and, against her mom’s wishes she tries out to be in a movie…and get’s in. Not even seeing her mom before she leaves for Scandia Jenna is whisked away. In Scandia something is very off, she bears an amazing resemblance to the real princess (who has run away) and the real princesses uncle is trying to use Jenna to take control of the kingdom and destroy the rebels. During the twists and turns of the book she finds out why she looks so similar to the real princess and who she really is.

The main character didn’t remind me of other main  characters that I had read about in books, which is a good thing, she was very bold and strong minded through the whole story. I was interested in this passage:

“No”  whispered Jenna.

It was as if she was turning hot and cold, as if everything was spinning, as if the kitchen was disappearing behind a veil of mist. There was a rushing in her ears, and her heart pounded to the breaking point. “That’s not true!”

That’s not true. It can’t be true.

That mustn’t be true.

Don’t let it be true.

It can’t be true because it mustn’t be true, such a thing mustn’t be true, not me, not Jenna, they’ve got it wrong, definitely, not me.

“ I don’t want it to be true,” whispered Jenna.

To her surprise, it was Jonas who now put an arm around her shoulders.

“It is,” he said gently. “ Sometimes even the worst things are true.”

“He mustn’t be my father,” whispered Jenna. “He mustn’t.” (269)

This passage shows how well Kirsten Boie can keep the reader interested in just a few sentences. This book was really interesting so I would rate it a 9 out of 10 but, I think the ending could’ve been a little longer.



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