Kayleigh’s Letter Essay #11 The Raft

I have just finished reading The Raft by S.A. Bodeen. This book was a 231 page adventure and action book. I chose to read this book because it was recommended to me by a friend.

This suspenseful book was about a teenage girl named Robie. She lives on an island and is staying with her aunt. When her aunt has to go away for a few days Robie goes home to see her parents, last minute. She jumps on a cargo flight by herself, she is the only passenger. She knows the pilot but has never met Max, the new co-pilot. The flight is going well until an unexpected storm hits. Shortly after that the engine goes out and Max is frantically running around and telling her to put a life jacket on. Robie jumps out of the plane with Max. They are in the middle of nowhere stranded on a raft far out in the ocean.

During this passage Robie is swimming towards the raft. This shows how hard it was to get to the raft and find a way to survive.
“I realized I wasn’t even gaining on the raft. I might even be loosing. So I did the dog paddle which seemed even slower than my backstroke had been. Max was close behind me and called out “You need to swim on your stomach. Just aim for the raft, hold your breath and go.” I didn’t want to. Then he asked me exactly what I had been asking myself “Do you want to be stuck here without the raft?” No. I took the dirty bag off my wrist and put the bungee cord around my neck setting the dirty bag on my back. It was very tight. almost constricting, but at least it would stay put while I swam.”
-Pg 95

I liked how the author told us exactly what Robie was thinking through out the book and how she felt, I just wish there was more description. I would rate The Raft a 9 out of 10.


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5 thoughts on “Kayleigh’s Letter Essay #11 The Raft

  1. It seemed like you really likes this book. I have read it before and it was very enjoyable. I agree with you it is very suspensful.

  2. I also read this book and I really liked it. I also liked how the author added Robies thinking and feelings. You did a great job of describing what the book was about.

  3. I read this book during the summer 2 years ago. I thought the 9 out of 10 was a very reasonable rate. I really like the quoted passage you added it really showed all the suspense the book had. Over all I really liked how you letter essay was written

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