Sarah’s Letter Essay #11: “Bruiser”

I read the book Bruiser by by Neal Shusterman. This novel was very good. I thought this book was interesting especially the names of the characters.

 I chose this book because the cover popped out and i read the back and it seemed interesting so i read the first chapter and really liked it. Also it was recommended to me by a friend in the beginning of the year.

 this book is about  a teenage boy who isn’t social at his school that kids in his class voted him most likely to get a death penalty. However, when Bronte and Brewster start to date, Bronte begins to change  Brewster in a good way.. This puts his life in danger when he cares about another person. Bronte and her twin brother, Tennyson, try to help Brewster, but instead become addicted to Brewster’s special gift. Bruiser is a book about how there are pros and cons of living and everyone learns to deal addictions in different ways and you sometimes have to put aside your daily life.

 I think this book wasn’t hard to read it was my level. there was nothing i was confused on and i understood what the characters were talking about. I understood everything that was going. this book was at my level.

 “…so for the entirety of math class,” Katrina continues, “Miss Markel has one of her false eyelashes dangling half on, half off her left eye, like a caterpillar; and the whole class is watching and waiting for the thing to drop….” I don’t mind her stories anymore. When we first started going out, I would zone out when she got into it; but as time went on, I got used to it and actually found that I enjoyed listening. “…I don’t know why she wears false lashes; I guess it must be a generational thing, like the way some women pluck out their eyebrows, then paint on fake ones, or like foot binding in India—” “China.”” Pg 19.

This quote shows how he sees girls and how he see what we do also it shows how he doesn’t get some of the things girls do.

I would rate this book a 4 because it was a good book but I have read better books. And in some parts the book just drags on and on .

I hope you enjoyed reading my letter essay.

Your friend, sarah

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