Bobby’s Letter Essay #11: Gollywhopper Games

I have just finished ready Gollywhopper Games by Jody Feldman this 332 page book was among the top books and with its tough puzzles and clues it well leave you thinking.

This book is about Gil Goodson a 12 year old kid living a normal life. Then the incident happens (Can’t explain what it is without giving the book away). If Gil and his group wins the annual Gollywhopper games in his town an event made possible by the Golly Toy and Games company which Gils dad worked at. If he won they would get money from the games and move away from the gossip and constantly getting made fun of because of the “Incident”.

To get into the Games you have to be 1 of 5,000 children to get to the front of the Toy store at 8 AM, Gil luckily got there very early and waited for his chance. And there are other way to get in. Then at 12 they pack 25,000 eager children into a stadium eliminating all but ten one of the ten kids was Gil. They go and do TONS of puzzles and games until a twist happens.(I can’t tell you the end of the book because of spoilers).

I choose this book because it seemed like a good book and it had a cool cover and name of the book so I started reading it and loved it.

This is when a another team messed up leaving Gils team in the running to be the final 10.

“Good news and bad news.” Said Carol ruffling her hair. “There’s hope for you guys still”. The red team messed up the last puzzle. They made the mistake you almost did: forgot to use the one in the phone number. But the bad news is your still behind…..” Page 213

I would give this book a 9 out of 10 the book never is confusing even that the task’s they do are. And it gets really descriptive and leaves you thinking which is great because you can try to figure out the puzzles.

I would suggest this book really to anybody but maybe people who like long books or mysteries.


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4 thoughts on “Bobby’s Letter Essay #11: Gollywhopper Games

  1. Good job Bobby! I’ve always wanted to read that book and I have heard a lot about it but now after reading your letter essay on it the book seems very interesting and I think I’m going to give it a try. Graet Job!
    James Burris

  2. Great job Bobby! The gollywhopper games sounds very interesting. It also seems like you enjoyed the book. I may consider reading the book over the summer.
    – Jake M

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