Crina’s Letter Essay #11: “Wildwood”

This week I continue to read a book called “Wildwood” by Colin Meloy. It a 541 page fantasy book. So far I am enjoying the creativity and amazing characters in the book.

In this book, Prue, has to go into the “Impassable Wilderness” to search for her brother who happened to be abducted by a murder of crows. She is determined to find her brother but get’s followed into the woods by a friend, Curtis. There they discover magical creature, and powerful figures. They find themselves struggling to escape.

I enjoy how the author makes the main character, Prue, such a powerful and brave figure. She has the courage to make many midnight visits, and take dangerous journey. She also does not like to put anyone in danger. It makes her not only a leader, but entertaining to follow.

This book reminds me of “Summer and Bird” by Katherine Catmull. They are both fantasy but have amazing creatures and creative plots. In summer bird the two main characters get separated while searching for their parents, similar to “Wildwood”. With the help of magical creatures each book is moved along in a captivating way.

A passage I found interesting was:

“Below them, dotting the treetops, was a multitude of nests, large an small. Some were elaborate, multileveled affairs connecting to the topmost branches of a given tree with a series of nests, aeries, and landing platforms. Many nests looked like common robin’s nests while other spanned whole boughs, their wall built of sizable tree limbs, their floors plastered with smoothed grey mud.” (pg.270)

I liked this because of the amazing landscape of birds described. When an author writes this elaborately it amazes me. This not only overflowed my imagination, but I was captivated. The author did a great job in this passage.

I would rate this book a definite 9 so far. I would definitely recommend this to any lover of fantasy, but fair warning that you must commit to following through. Although this book captivated me enough to not bore me.

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5 thoughts on “Crina’s Letter Essay #11: “Wildwood”

  1. This is a very good letter essay about a very interesting book. I love how you did it with such description.

  2. This sounds like a very interesting book with lots of crazy adventures and magical characters. I might think about reading this book.

    1. Crina,
      I think you did a really good job on your letter essay. The book sounds really good and you did a great job describing it. Maybe I’ll read it.

  3. Dear Crina,
    I’ve been looking into reading Wildwood but have been a little reluctant. I think that after reading your letter essay I’ll be willing to give it a try. Where did you get the book so I can get a copy?

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