Parker’s Letter Essay #11 “I Totally Funniest”

I just finished I Totally Funniest by James Patterson. It is 317 pages long and is realistic fiction book.  I chose this book because I remember reading the previous book(s) to this series and really enjoyed it. I also chose this book because many people can relate to this book by being in middle school and the different scenarios students have to face in middle school.

This connection filled book is about a kid named Jamie Grimm who is handicapped after a horrible accident that changed his life. In case you haven’t read the previous book(s) I don’t want to tell you what happened.  But it will definitely make you feel bad for what had happened but proud to see how far he has come. He wants to win the finals against the final eight in Hollywood and the stress is getting bigger and bigger. Jamie starts getting more and more publicity around the country and he is living the dream, until fame starts getting to his head. Read to find out how that impacts the book.  He also wants to  go on to the final finals (as referred in the book) but many people start rumors about Jamie that hurts his reputation, he also starts having nervous breakdowns that really affect the story line.

I like how the author used words and phrases to help connect with the readers a lot better than just reading words off a book with no meaning to them. I didn’t really like how James Patterson used as many pictures in the book even though it didn’t affect the amount of pages as bad as I thought they would.

In this scene Jamie is about to go on BNC channel and he realizes something before he goes on that another contestant tells him very meanly. It kind of sets Jamie in his place. I chose these paragraphs because Jamie thinks that he isn’t funny just because one mean contestant says so. Also the author made the emotion and make the reader show empathy for Jamie and his situation/dream. These paragraphs occur on page 159.

“All of America got to see me stuck in the gutter. They watched me flip through an old family photo album and sob (I couldn’t help it) over pictures of my mom and dad and little sister, Jenny. They saw me wrestle with denim as I wiggled around on my bed, trying to pull on a pair of jeans over my dead legs.

Then there were the grainy newspaper headlines and slow-motion Action News footage of swirling orphan. After that came some dramatic still shots of me struggling through physical therapy at the rehab hospital.


Chatty Patty was right. America gave me their pity vote. ”

I rate this book a 7-10 because I wish James Patterson made the book have less pictures just to make it more professional. Even though it’s still a great book.


Parker B.

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4 thoughts on “Parker’s Letter Essay #11 “I Totally Funniest”

  1. Good letter essay Parker. I liked how you cited a long section of the book, it really explained how the author wrote. I hope to read this book soon.

  2. Parker it sounds like a really good book. I heard other reviews from this book and I liked how you said some people can relate to this book because it’s about a kid in middle school. Great letter essay.

  3. I liked how you told what you liked and also disliked about the book. I read the first two books in that series and i thought they were great. I agree with you though that they shouldn’t have had as many pictures.

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