Rebecca’s Letter Essay #11: “Stolen Children”

I recently read Stolen Children by Peg Kehret.  I chose this book because I needed a mystery book, so Claire L., Claire M. and Maddy recommended this book to me.

A Girl named Amy who recently finished all her baby sitting courses got a last minute recommendation to babysit a 3-year-old Kendra.  Shortly after Amy arrived at the house she had to put Kendra down for a nap.  As Kendra was sleeping Amy went outside by the pool to get a little sun.  Amy heard a sudden noise.  She had thought that Kendra had woken up from her nap.  When Amy went to check on Kendra while walking up the stairs Amy heard an engine start.  Question’s started rolling though her head.  She went to the door and opened it nothing was there.  She went to see if Kendra in her crib but she wasn’t there.  The panicked sitter look every where for the missing child.  She called her name, she couldn’t find her.  She went out side and looked for Kendra but all she found was her stuffed animal that she would not leave with out.  As she ran back inside she was thinking about who she could call.  Just then she heard a car pull in the driveway as she asked the man for help she realized that he was the person that kidnapped Kendra.  Amy ran inside and was panicking while trying to find a phone.  It was too late and Amy got kidnapped too.  The guys who took Amy and Kendra brought them too the woods where there was a cabin.  The mom of the girls were freaking out they even higher a detective.  Every couple days the Kidnappers would send a video of the two girls. Read the novel if you want to find out the ending.

I liked the way the author described everything in such good detail.  For an example when the way all the video’s were filmed.  That they included everything like where the camera was pointing.  I also wish the ending had a little twist on it because it was very expected.

I chose this passage because it is an example of the author showing a lot of detail in her work.  She is describing how Kendra and Amy pass time while they are being held captive.

She watched out the window as the fat grey clouds rumbled close, emptied themselves, and drifted away in search of refills.  The dark sky matched her mood.

Hugh and Smokey played cards while Amy tried to keep Kendra entertained…

Amy tied the stem of one clover around anther, knotting it just below the flower.  Then she tied another and another, until she had fashioned a wreath of clover for Kendra to wear on her head.

” You are a princess,”  Amy said, “with a crown of flowers.”(page 118)

I quoted this passage because it shows how you really feel like you are there with them.

I would rate this book a 6 out of 10.  It is hard to follow because of all of the conversation and quotes.  There were sections that I skimmed through because of all of the conversation.  Overall the description and storyline were well written.

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6 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Letter Essay #11: “Stolen Children”

    1. I also read Stolen Children. I agree, I though it had a lot of good description. It was a good book, I would recommend it. I would rate it a 7.5 out of 10.

  1. I thought your letter essay was written very well and enjoyed reading it. I also do think that the author did have a good plot/storyline overall and think it was very descriptive as well. If you liked this book I think you should read more of Peg Kehrets mystery books they will keep you on the edge of your seat. Or Double Identity if you haven’t read it already it’s very much a mystery and also really suspenful.

  2. I read this book not too long ago and agree the description really makes the book more suspenseful and interesting.

  3. Great letter-essay Rebecca! This book seems really interesting and kind of scary. I will definitely put this on my list of books to read.

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