Rory’s Letter-Essay #11: Death Sentence

The book that I just finished reading was Death Sentence by Alexander Gordon Smith. This 261 page realistic fiction story is action packed and very suspenseful. I chose this book because this is the third book in the five book series, and I had just finished the second book in the series, Solitary. This book takes place in the Furnace Penitentiary. Alex Sawyer’s second attempt at freedom has failed, and he is being transformed. Transformed into something very different – a monster. He feels the smooth rush of something dark , an explainable substance. Like dark magic. Alex is being turned into a blacksuit. While he is having operations, he is put into a different world. He sees a skinny boy, he looks about his age. he says “whatever you do, do not forget your name. Your name is Alex Sawyer.” That had stuck with him during his journey through his third attempt getting out. “Gradually the nectar was ebbing away sluiced from my mind to reveal the memories beneath. Donovan, Monty, my mom and dad and…. ‘My name.’ I said, ‘I remember my name.’ ‘You have no name!’ The warden shrieked, his voice deafening in the small room. He raised a hand as if to slap me, but before he could I snapped my hand up and caught his wrist. I looked him in the eye, and this time all I saw were two watery pupils that blinked at me in shock. ‘My name is Alex Sawyer.’ I hissed.” (pg.113) I quoted this passage because it shows how smart Alex is, no other person has remembered his name with all of the surgeries done. Now that he has the strength, can he get out of Furnace? Is the third time really a charm for Alex? I would rate this book an 8 out of 10 because the beginning was a little hard to understand, but other than that it was a very good book, and a great read.


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3 thoughts on “Rory’s Letter-Essay #11: Death Sentence

  1. I liked how you used lot’s of description on the Letter Essay, and it seems like the book is very suspenseful. I’m wondering are you going to read the two other books in it’s series that you have not read yet? Also, what are the other two books about if there is a possibility that Alex will make it out in the third book. I also really liked the quote that you put in the Letter Essay, because after the quote it got very suspenseful. Finally, what things made you not rate this book a ten out of ten ?

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