Tabitha’s Letter Essay #11: “The Power of Six”

I’ve finished reading Pittacus Lore’s The Power of Six a short while ago, and really enjoyed it…sort of. Well, due to the fact that I accidentally read the Fall of Five after I am Number Four may have something to do with the fact, but all in all this was a very good book. I would recommend this series to anyone who likes supernatural occurrences/people with super powers. Also anyone who is in the mood for a suspenseful plot. This book is basically about aliens with powers, also known as Garde, sent down to Earth with their mentors/guards/trainer Cêpan from the planet Lorien. They were sent during a war against the Mogadorians. The Mogs attacked not to gain power but completely wipe Lorien out. All that remains is a planet waiting to be awoken, by the Garde. Why the Loriens are after them? These Gardes have the powers of Loriens past Elders, but their power is ten times more powerful. They are too return to Lorien one day to reimburse the planet, but the Mogs are making that a little bit hard.

(In advance I apologize if anything gets spoiled after the first books time, but you set yourself up for it..)This spanking sequel follows Sam and John, along with their new found partner Six. It’s the usual action going with a different person/people. With Henri gone things haven’t been the same for John. But training with Six has gotten him and Sam a little more prepared for the many encounters they have with the Mogs. As usual, the Mogs are hunting them down, but this time the young Garde have nothing to save them except their best training skills. The charm , that assures that the Mogs can only kill them in number order, given to the teens as children was broken once Six and Four fought together during the attack in Paradise.

But this book isn’t just based around Six, a new perspective is shared, Seven’s. From new insight, provided by Seven, you get further on h– Seven and knowledge into another “Garde” as well who happens to be apart of Seven’s story.

What the Mogs don’t know, won’t hurt them. But the Garde are on a mini mission to re unite all the numbers, and get stronger than ever. Though the thing we don’t know is if they will succeed.

In Henri’s letter to John(Four) he left these final words as a reminder to him and I think it explains perfectly how determined they are to get back to Lorien and defeat the Mogs, but not just for Lorics, for us, humans as well. Mogs only go to planets for one thing: to wipe them out. Here’s the passage:

Where to begin? Your father’s name was Liren. He was brave and powerful, and he lived his life with integrity and purpose. As you witnessed during your visions of the war, he carried out these traits until the very end, even when he knew the war was unwinnable. And that’s about all any of us can really hope for, to die with our dignity, to die with honor and valor. To die knowing we did everything we could. That was the epitome of who your father was. It’s the epitome of who you are, too, even if you don’t necessarily believe it.

(The Power of Six, Chapter 18, Page 217)

I would rate this book 8 out of 10, due to the fact that I could already tell what things were heading towards (again) because I accidentally read the wrong book. But this is definitely an amazing book with great plots and just an overall great idea. Also the author’s writing style is also something I personally love. If you read this series I don’t think you’ll regret it.  AT ALL!

╥abitha ☺



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12 thoughts on “Tabitha’s Letter Essay #11: “The Power of Six”

  1. I love how you described this book! Based on your recommendation I will try to read this sometime.

  2. Great letter-essay. I read this series too and I think that this book is one of the best of the series. I hope you read the rest of the series, it’s worth it.

    1. Thanks!! And I am have to get the next book soon. The author leaves too much suspense for you to not finish the series.

  3. this is really good written letter essay and I would love to read the book it sounds good

  4. This books looks ver interesting. I think I accidentally read some of the books not in order so I think i might go back and read them again.

  5. Tabitha, i have been wanting to read this book for a while. A lot of people have recommended it to me and said it was good, but your essay really made me want to read it. Your essay was great.


  6. A lot of people I know have read this book but I was wodering if it was actually good so now I think I might read it

  7. I really like how you described the book and it sounds really interesting! Great letter essay and I will try to read it!

  8. Tabitha, I love the way you make this book sound. Normally I wouldn’t read a series like this but the way you described it makes me want to read it.

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