Ella’s Letter Essay #11 “Paper Towns”

Recently I read a book called Paper Towns by John Green. The book was 336 pages and the story is about On the outside Margo Roth Spiegelman is an adventurous, unconventional, and intelligent person. So when Margo sneaks into Quentin Jacobsen’s room one fateful night and involves him in her crazy plan to get revenge, he can’t help but feel that he can finally be a part of the marvelous Margo’s life.

But the next morning all of Quentin’s hopes are gone with Margo’s disappearance. Margo’s parents and the police think this is just another one of her stunts, but Q’s (Quentin’s nickname) not so sure. Because Margo has left him a string of clues, one right after another, which just might lead him to her. But the thing is, he’s not sure what he’ll find.

I really liked the writing in this book and I thought it was very very funny. The characters are also very funny and smart.

One part of the book I like is when Margo and Q are preparing a break into Sea World. “We stood outside, leaning against the back of the minivan, the air so warm I felt my clothes clinging to my skin. I felt scared agian as if people I couldn’t see we looking at me. It had been to dark for too long and my but ached from the hours of worrying. Margo had found her maps, and by the light of the street lamp, her spray paint blue fingertip traced our route.”I think there’s a fence right there,” she said, ponting to a wooden patch we’d hit just after crossing the highway. “I read about it online. They installed it a few years ago after some drunk guy walked into the park in the middle of the night and decided to go swimming with Shamu, who promptly killed him.”

I liked this part because I thought it was very funny ( it’s much funnier when you read the entire chapter though). I would rate this book a 10/10.


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3 thoughts on “Ella’s Letter Essay #11 “Paper Towns”

  1. I really love John Green. He is a great author so I think I’m going to read this book. Your summary was really good and really got me wondering what was going to happen.

  2. Ella,

    I really love how you have quotes in your summary, the quotes give u a glimpse of the book. I can totally relate to your book choice because I’ve read this book and I love it. Question, have you seen the movie and have you read any other John Green books?

    R.Arcallana http://www.flags8.org

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