Natasha’s letter essay 11: “A Long Walk to Water”

I read the book “A long walk to water.” It’s a book I have heard good things about but never got around to reading. Then Mrs. Rose had us read it for class. This book is based on two different stories Salva’s and Nya’s. In Salva’s story Salva is forced from his home and into the bush and it’s really about how he survives. But in Nya’s story Nya has to walk eight hours every day just to get water. “Salva’s eye was swollen shut. Buksa’s forearms were lumpy and raw. A friend of Buksa’s had a fat lip. They all looked as though they had been in a terrible fistfight. But their injuries were bruises. They were bee stings. A fire has been started under the tree, to smoke the bees out of the hive and make them sleepy. But as Buksa and the other Jur-Chol men were removing the hive from the tree, the bees woke up and were not at all happy to discover that their home was being taken away. They expressed their unhappiness very clearly by buzzing, swarming, and stinging. Stinging a lot. What was going on was they were hungry and trying to get food. That was on page 27. I quoted this passage to show Salva’s determination. I think I would rate this book a 9 out of 10. I truly think this book had such a powerful and meaningful story. I also really love the ending to this book because it all came together, like everything that didn’t make sense before.

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  1. Natasha,
    Thank you for posting your letter-essay to the blog. Remember: a letter-essay should have a rather detailed summary of the book, and should provide some reflection as well (the yellow sheet with the sentence starters).

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