A Week in…Niger

Location: Niger is located in Western Africa it is around 1 million square miles. Around 17 million people live there. This French colony has beautiful lakes and wildlife. The government is Democratic just like the US. They make around 500 dollars a year and the only crime to watch out for is theft. In Niger they use the West African Franc which is commonly used by many African countries controlled by French long ago. They gained independence from France in 1960.

Culture: Niger is mostly muslims people and have French influences due to their past. Many tribal villages still around today. People are very open to visitors, and nobody will give you a hassle. Certain tribes are known for different traits or jobs the Hausa, the largest tribe that is half the tribal population is mostly found in the southern region. The are mainly known for making cloths and ornate scarfs.

Geography: ⅔ of Niger are covered by the large Sahara desert the other half is very rugged in the south. This makes a perfect climate for Elephants and Giraffes. The have lots of national parks and protected land with very rare animals and interesting plants. Also many wetlands are in Niger filled with Hippos and exotic birds.

History: Niger was always inhabited by native tribes like the Hausa, Songhai-Zarma, Fulani, and Zarma. They were really not any government until the French took over. In colonial Africa in the early 1900’s they were controlled by France. They were granted independence in 1960 and have been thriving since in oil and cloth making.

Demographics: Niger is a very safe place they make around 500 dollars a year so there is some theft but if you are alert you will be fine. The literacy rate of Niger is 28% due to really no schooling.

What we Would do in 7 days

Day 1: Arrive and sail the Niger River. Take a relaxing trip on the Niger River. Canoe or motorboat.

Day 2: Visit Zinder. Zinder was the capital of Niger until 1927. Explore the Hausa town, with its many alleyways and hidden streets.

Day 3: Visit Nguigmi, a small town in Northeastern Niger. While we are there, we will visit Abaaba National park, and see all of the nature and wildlife that thrives in the rich vegetation and sparkling spring water.

Day 4: Venture into the Aïr Mountains. These mountains are home to most of some species that do not normally live in these altitudes.

Day 5: Visit Dosso. Dosso was founded in the 13th century and has lively citizens in the town center. Purchase beautiful leather and fabric in the back streets.

Day 6: Visit the wonderful Tenere Desert, and see the beautiful dunes.

Day 7: Eat at the Tabakadi. Very delicious restaurant! After that we depart.

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