A Week In Cape Verde Africa

Cape Verde, Africa

Cape Verde is a country made up of ten islands located off the west coast of Africa. Cape Verde is one thousand five hundred fifty seven square miles large in total. The islands are several miles off the coast of Mauritania, and Senegal. Cape Verde is 612 miles from “mainland” Africa.

The country became independent on July 5th, 1975, after being a Portuguese colony. July 5th is major holiday for the island. In 1456 Alvise Cadamosto discovered what’s been Cape Verde for 40 years.. The island of Sao Vincente was inhabited first. It took a full year for Cape Verde to become a country after Portugal’s war became an international scandal in 1974.

Nine out of ten of Cape Verde’s islands are inhabited. The capital city is Praia. The islands are mountainous and have several volcanoes. There are low green valleys on some islands. There are lots of beaches where people love to swim and relax. There are also open fields around the country. Cape Verde is 3 hours ahead of EST.

The primary language in Cape Verde is Portuguese. A large amount of Cape Verde’s economy is agriculture, and fishing. A lot of Cape Verdeans are different races. Some islands are more commercial than others. Sao Vicente, and Boa Vista are the main tourist islands on Cape Verde. Other islands like Sal are still admired by many visitors, even though they are not as large.

The per capita income of Cape Verde is $6,210. The population is 538,535 people, as of June, 2014. There have been 1,415 more crimes in 2014 than in 2013
The government is a republic and there currently is a presidency. The president is Jorge Carlos Fons. The average amount of years of education is 13 years from primary to tertiary school. 98% of Cape Verdeans are Roman Catholic.

Here is an Itinerary of Things to do While on Vacation in Cape Verde:
Trip Details: An Average Flight cost around $1,500.00
TAP Portugal Airlines

Fly From NYC to Lisbon (Portugal) Flight #1
5:55 PM — 6:05 AM A330 Airbus

Spend the Day in Lisbon on a 14 Hour 45 Min. Layover

Fly From Lisbon to Praia (Capital city) Flight #2
8:50 PM — 11:05 PM A320 Airbus

Monday: After a long day of travel, check into Hotel V.I.P in Praia, the capital city of Cape Verde. The get your vacation started off right, take the Cabo Verde island Jeep safari to see excotic animals and breathtaking sites.

Tuesday: Sail on a catamaran along the coast of beautiful Sal island courtesy of latesail yacht charters.

Wednesday: Time for some adventure! Visit Sao Vincente Island for some water sports for a fun filled day in the sun. Go to Kitesurf Now in Sao Vincente and ride waterskis, go wake boarding, or even try flyboarding. There is a wide variety of watersports you can try at Kitesurf Now in Sao Vincente.

Thursday: Spend the day baking in the sun at quiet Santa Maria Beach in Praia, which is very close to your hotel.

Friday: Go scuba diving on Santo Antao island. See fascinating water species including excotic fish. Explore fascinating coral reefs, and explore the depths
of Santo Antao

Saturday: Go for a swim (As if you haven’t spent enough time in the water already on this vacation) in Pedra Lume Salt Crater on Sal Island. Walk through and explore the amazing limestone caverns located at the salt crater.

Sunday: Go for a bike ride on the scenic, Santa Maria island. See sites and get some exercise. Then head back to your Hotel, and spend the rest of your afternoon relaxing in the pool or hot tub overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Then rest up for your flight on Monday morning.

Have a Nice Vacation!

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