Anthony’s Letter Essay #12 – Leven Thumps

Leven Thumps : Gateway to Foo is the first book in a trilogy. It is 368 pages long and is a fantasy book. The author is Obert Skye.  I chose this book because it seemed interesting by the cover and the title. Leven is 14 and lives with his terrible aunt and uncle. Soon everything he knows changes when he learns about a gateway between reality and a place called Foo, a place where dreams are created. But Foo is in danger from all kinds of evil, and only Leven has the power to save Foo. With him and 3 new friends, Leven has to find a way to restore Foo and save everyone’s dreams. I liked how the author provided a huge character background so we would understand everything about the character. I was confused in the beginning because it jumped right into a conflict between two characters. In this scene, the prologue, Antsel and Clover are trying to hide a seed from the Shadows, Sabine’s minions. Page XIII “‘Will you be proud of me?’ ‘Of course. Now run.’ Clover spat and smiled. He jumped, shivered violently, and ran off on two feet, bucking oddly as he leapt, and was lost almost instantly in the dark. Antsel gazed after him. He knew the risk he took in putting so much trust in the creature, but he had no choice. He turned and ran in the opposite direction. Lightning flashed.” I quoted this passage to show the dialogue between two important characters. I would rate this book a 9.7 out of 10.



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  1. I haven’t read many fantasy books, but this one get sounds very interesting. I hope to read this book soon.

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