Bobby’s Letter Essay #12 “Stargirl”

I have just finished the book “Stargirl” by Jerry Spinelli. This 180 page book is told by Leo the main character going to Mica High School in Arizona. His school has always been “Normal” until the first day of junior year, a girl nobody has seen before wearing cloths that nobody had seen. Her name is Stargirl she was homeschooled until junior year she is very different than anybody else. She walks around singing happy birthday and playing the guitar, with her pet rat “Cinnamon”. At first everyone keeps their distance from stargirl, but then everyone in school starts doing what she does and wants to be like her. The only person who doesn’t want to be like her is Hilary she was the most popular girl before Stargirl. Stargirl really changes the whole school there sport teams who did not make any money from fans at football, but when Stargirl went the stadium was a full capacity and their teams winning everything. Then one day in spanish class Leo looks at the window and Stargirl wrote Stargirl Loves Leo. Leo really wants Stargirl to become “Normal” but then she loses popularity and keeps being the old Stargirl and then switching back to normal. She even gets called by her first name Susan. Then the book suddenly ends with Stargirl just disappearing from the school.

I choose this book because the name and cover seemed very interesting and once I got into it I was hooked.

This is a paragraph where Leo sees the window with Stargirl Loves Leo.

“As I headed out of my seat, I looked out the window, which faced the courtyard. There was something written on the roadrunner, all right, but I wouldn’t have to go outside to read it. I could read it from here. A bedsheet painted on it was Stargirl loves Leo….” Page #129

I would rate this book a 8/10 it was sometimes hard to understand but overall a interesting book. Also I think this book shows lessons like it is good to be different.



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