Jennas Letter Essay #12: Stargirl

In class, I read the book Stargirl– a 186 page realistic fiction novel about a girl who doesn’t really fit in.

 Stargirl is about a 15 year old girl who moves to a town in Arizona called Mica, and starts going to the school. The girls name is Stargirl and as you can tell from the name, she is very different. Leo- a boy also going to the school is in his junior year and notices her right away. Everyone starts growing a liking on her until all the dancing in the rain, rats on shoulders, ukulele playing, and cheering for the other team gets to be too much to handle. See how Stargirl gets through it all with and without some help from Leo.

 I chose to read this book because in class we had to chose between this book and another book, so I chose this one because I thought that the story would be more interesting than the other one.

 I would say that the theme of this book would be non-conformity (or difference) and changing for a relationship because throughout the whole book, the characters grow and learn and realize new things about everyone and a lot of change was occurring.

Leo Borlock narrated this book and I think that this is an important fact because he tells about his emotions and how he feels about everything. But, it would have been interesting to see how Stargirl feels about everything and if what she says and does is really her and how she feels.

A great example of showing a time when Leo narrating had a big impact was when Stargirl was holding up a sign. In this next passage, Leo definitely describes how he feels and if anyone else would have narrated this book, I don’t think we would really know how Leo feels since it seems like he hides a lot of emotions and fakes somethings.

“She sat upright and smiling. She was holding a foot-long stick shaped like a claw on one end. Around her neck, dangling on a string, was a sign the read: TALK TO ME AND I’ll SCRATCH YOUR BACK. She was getting no takers. No one was within twenty feet of her. Quickly I turned away, I walked back through the crowd. I pretended I was looking for someone. I pretended I hadn’t seen. And prayed for the bell to ring. When I saw her later that morning, the sign was gone. She said nothing about it. Neither did it.

 This shows that if Stargirl was narrating it, we wouldn’t really know what leo would be thinking and sometimes even doing because she might not have seen him.

I rate this book a 8 out of 10 because it was pretty good, but some parts, especially the beginning  got really boring and sometimes a bit confusing.

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