Kayleigh’s Letter Essay #12, Stargirl

I have recently finished reading the book Stargirl. It was a 186 page realistic fiction novel written by Jerry Spinelli. I chose to read this book because the back of it seemed interesting and because the title made me want to find out more.

This novel was about a girl attending Mica High. Her name is Stargirl and she was homeschooled up until now. She is different than everyone else and does things people at Mica High don’t do. She is an outcast. She doesn’t dress or look like everyone else, she doesn’t act like everyone else and no one talk to her very often. She also carries around her pet rat named Cinnamon and sings happy birthday to people at lunch with her ukulele. Leo is a boy in Stargirls school (he narrates the story) wants to get to know her, she seems interesting to him. This story shows them becoming friends but, as they become friends the whole school stops talking to both of them. They along talk to eachother.

This passage shows Stargirl singing happy birthday to a boy she doesn’t know:

“She stopped two tables away. The lunchroom was dead silent. She started strumming the uke. And singing. It was Happy Birthday. When she came to his name she didn’t just say his first name but his full name “happy birthday Alan Ferko.” Alan Ferko’s face turned red as little bo peeps pigtail ribbons” (page 9)

I quoted this passage because it proves that Stargirl is different and out of the ordinary. Stargirl wasn’t afraid to be different.

I would rate this book a 6 out of 10 because sometimes it was hard to follow and understand what was going on in the book. I wish that it was a little more clear but, overall I thought it was a good book.


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2 thoughts on “Kayleigh’s Letter Essay #12, Stargirl

  1. I have also read this book and I agree with you it was hard to follow. However I did think it was interesting.

  2. Kayleigh ,
    I have not read this book yet ,but after reading your review on this book it makes me want to read it for myself. I like the way you added a part of the passage to support part of your review. What was your favorite part of the book ? -E. Alcala

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