Louie’s Letter Essay #12 ” Diary of A Wimpy Kid”

I have recently finished the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney a 217 page novel that is for younger kids. I read it when I was younger and it was a good book back then but now it is a pretty bad book.   I chose this book because I wanted an easy book to end the year on and, it was a little too easy to be honest.

So in the book Greg the main character narrates his story of his year in middle school.  him and his friend Rowley weren’t exactly the coolest kids in school. they were outcast to a kid named Fregley who is a pretty weird kid. Greg is way over confident and thinks he is super cool but really he is nothing more than your average nerd. He takes you on his journey of how he survived his first year of middle school and crushes and friends.  I didn’t understand why the book was so un challenging. Also I liked how the author drew illustrations when needed.  A passage I will show you is when him and his friend Rowley go trick-or-treating :” Rowley’s mom made all of these safety improvements to it, and you couldn’t even tell what he was supposed to be anymore.   She cut out a big hole in the front of the helmet so he could see better, and covered him up in all this reflective tape.  She made him wear his winter coat underneath everything, and she replaced his sword with a glow stick.  I grabbed my pillowcase, and me and Rowley started to head out.  But mom stopped us before we could get out the door.  She said I want you to take Manny with you. ”  (pg 65)

I chose this passage because it shows that him and his friend is different and so is his whole family. I would give this book a 5 because it was pretty bad and not for middle schoolers



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  1. I liked the amount of description that you put into the Essay, and I also really liked the passage that you put into the Essay, that passage was a very funny part of the book and movie to me. What were some of the other things that made you rate the book a 5 out of ten? Would you recommend this book to sixth-graders? Overall I think this was a great essay.

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