Maddy’s letter essay #12 “A Million Ways Home”

             I just finished reading Dianna Dorisis Winget’s 242 page realistic fiction book about a girl named Poppy Parker who live with her grandmother, Grandma Beth. When Poppy was very little her parents went to travel to a school out of the country but, while studying the school gets attacked and her parents  were one of the many people to get killed in the tragity.

         I choose this book because  back cover sounded really really good and it was about a dog and I love animals so I really enjoyed this book.

        One day Grandma Beth has a stroke and is admitted into the hospital and since there is nobody to take care of Poppy so she has to be put in the orphanage until Grandma Beth recovers and can take Poppy back home with her. Poppy misses grandma Beth so much that she asks Miss Austin, the lady who runs orphanage to take her to Greg see grandma b puppy misses grandma Beth so much to ship it thanks Miss Austin the lady who runs orphanage to take her to see grandma Beth but she is too busy  to take Poppy right now so she sneaks out by herself.  She takes all of her money and sets out for the bus.  When she gets on the bus she realizes she had no idea where the old folks home her grandmother was now in. She asked someone where it was and told her but, it was the wrong stop. She starts walking and sees a gas station. She is starving so she goes in to get a candy bar.  She soesnt have enough to so the nice lady behind  the counter get it to her for free.  She finished her candy bar and started walking again but she the had no idea where to go to so she decided to go back to the gas station.  She starts hearing loud banging and she figured you were just leftover fireworks from the Fourth of July. Then the person getting gas quickly jumps in his car and drives away. She tries to hurry into the gas station but the bangs are come from there she went to open the door and boom the door slams open and before he can hurt Poppy sirens start blaring. Then a dective comes over to her and asks her a few questions and makes sure she is ok. Then the dective asks if she go with them to the police station for more questioning and stays the night too. The next day Poppy is so excited because she finally gets to see grandma Beth again and Trey tells her that he needs Poppy that he needs her to stay at his mothers house just for a few days. It is weird at first but Poppy gets used to it quickly. She meets a sort-of friend named Lizzie and aher best friend a beautiful German sheperd named Gunner. She becomes really close to Trey and his mom, Lizzie, and Gunner until something happens.

         I was struck by the passage passage on page 177 because it showed al lot of emotions with the characters. Poppy has just seen pictures and is trying to find the guy who caused the crime.

“What’s going on Poppy? I’d been sure that when I really needed them to,  the words would come. But they didn’t I had no idea what to say. I popped my knuckles.

Nothing. I’ve just been thinking more about is at all, and I think I might’ve seen that Frank guy after all.

You might’ve, or you did?

I swallowed. I don’t know. That’s why I want to look again.

Don’t tell me you say him and didn’t say anything.

I was scared. Trey I’m really sorry.  I was going to tell you just not right then.

Trey sniffled. When then? What if Frank kills someone else.

My my eyes filled with tears. Just as soon as my grandmother got out of the hospital.

You were afraid you’d get sent back to the center. Trey had finally said but his voice had lost some of its hardness.”

          I liked this passage because it is filled with so much emotion from the main character and you get a sense of what she feels like.

       I rate this book at 10 out of 10 because this was one of my favorites and there is so much description and picture everything that is going on. It also keeps you on the edge of your seat and you can really connect with the character.


Maddy O

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  1. this seems like a very interesting book. you have told me to read it already. I might read this over the summer though. Nice job!

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