Sarah’s Letter Essay #12: “Luna”

I just finished Luna, a novel by Julie Anne Peters. I thought this book was very interesting. I have never read a book with this kind of story line. 

I chose this book because i read the back and the storyline was very interesting. I really like story lines like this one where there is a real world problem.

A sixteen-year-old Regan, has to keep the secret that her older sister Luna is transgender. Most of the day, Luna pretends to be a senior boy named Liam. But at home she is Lia Marie, a girl. Later, she changes her name to Luna. After years of hiding Luna, tells her sister that she wants to be a girl all the time. Luna asks Regan to help her with her transitioning but regan finds it hard to let her sister take this chance. Another problem comes up for Regan she is attending high school. She spends most of her life avoiding other students, in fear of letting her sister’s secret slip. But she cant help notice a new boy at school, Chris, becomes interested in her.  Regan enjoys attention from Chris, she keeps her distance from him, choosing to stay focused on Luna.

This book was really good but sometimes the wording of this book can get really confusing at times. But it has the best plot twists and has one of the best storylines.

“ Liam had stranded me in Siberia without a sled. It had to be hundred below today and the high school was two miles away. I’d only walked a block and my feet were already ice floes. Damn you, Liam i seethed aloud. I hate you.”pg19  I chose this quote because it shows how Liam/Luna is very concerned how people see him/her that she/he can’t take her/his to school and that she doesn’t want to tell anyone that she is transgender.

I rate this book a 9 because it was one of my favorite books because i like reading about real world problems that seem that there no that common but they are.

i hope you enjoyed my last letter essay this year.

your friend,


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2 thoughts on “Sarah’s Letter Essay #12: “Luna”

  1. I’m actually getting intersted in this book and might look for it. I like real world problems too and find them pretty interesting. I also like how you quoted a line from the book, showing how Luna/Liam cares about keeping her/his secret from others. – krincon

  2. Hello!
    I also like realistic stories. I think that I would want to read this because I really have strong opinions about LBGT and I’m totally supportive about how someone is. I think it will allow me to see from a different point of view of how their lives are and how others would react. -D. Saucedo ( )

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