Tabitha’s Twelfth (aka Last) Letter Essay

I’ve recently finished reading the book Stargirl.

Stargirl is a 186 paged fiction novel by Jerry Spinelli. In this unique story the main focus is Stargirl, and her individuality. She does not care what people think of her differences (good for her!) But the thing is Stargirl is different in a good way. She is always nice to everyone-heck! she goes out of her way to be nice to people, who in return constantly give her weird stares and shun her. Throughout this book the conflict that the author builds up, to the reader, is would you rather be yourself and risk not fitting in or be like everyone else just to fit in? This novel is narrated by an important character in this book Leo. He is the character who gets close to Stargirl but backs away as he soon becomes the target of the treacherous taunts usually saved for Stargirl.

In the beginning of the book, Stargirl is the new girl. And she has already screwed up big time! Just by her look: wearing a ukulele to school and carrying a rat to school. NO NO NO!! It’s just all wrong. People have already labeled her as the neighborhood weirdo. Except Leo… Leo isn’t sure what to think of her. He’s curious. Then one football game changes it all.

Stargirl does it all. She’s all around the field. From cheering to “playing” in the band to punting the football. By the November Stargirl is the most popular girl in the school. So it’s kind of a plot twist because you can never predict what Stargirl will do or what will happen to her. Or if the current situation will stay like that forever. In this case, Stargirl’s popularity will soon descend faster than Niagara Falls. And it all starts when she cheers for the other team–the enemy.  Before this cheering incident, at this point Leo is getting closer to Stargirl with no worries due to the fact she is popular (what a poser right?!)

Stargirl is now not being just a sight to gawk at, but now hated among Mica High students and there’s nothing she can do about it unless Leo can have a say. But does Leo know what’s in best interest for Stargirl or himself?

“Nobody talks to us. You can’t just not give a cr*p what anybody thinks. You can’t just cheer for the other team and expect your own school to love your for it.” 

Page 135, is when Stargirl realizes that she is not connected. But will she do something about it that will affect her in a negative way. And for what?  Just to be with some boy??!?!!?

All in all I would rate this book a 6 out of 10 due to the fact that, everytime I put the book down it wasn’t much of a “I can’t wait to read more” book (only at the juicy parts.) It was kind ofjust a book for class I would’ve never picked up in a million years, but found myself enjoying way more than I thought would and mostly towards the end. Because it was ending.. just kidding, because I feel like that is where the author really put the parts that would really grasp the reader’s attention. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic fiction or books about outcasts/finding yourself.

╥abitha ☺

PS. I figured why not. (click the video/link/whatever it shows up as) to see a…video  ;If you want to know what it is just watch….

PPS. Watch Part 1 on your own time

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2 thoughts on “Tabitha’s Twelfth (aka Last) Letter Essay

  1. I liked the way you described it and I agree with you. It wasn’t very interesting but it had a meaning.

  2. I also did my letter essay on stargirl and I do agree that the ending was pretty interesting. I liked how you added a lot of your own opinion in this letter essay and didn’t just quote a part of the book.

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