Alex’s Letter Essay #12 “The Outsiders”

I just recently finished the outsiders. Its a mid size book about 180 pages by S.E. Hinton. We first meet our narrator/main character, fourteen-year-old Ponyboy, as he’s walking home from the movies alone, which is something we know he’s not supposed to be doing. Ponyboy lives in a dangerous area. His East Side neighborhood is patrolled by bullying Socials, rich kids from the West Side of town. Pony’s a Greaser and defenseless Greasers are the Socials’ favorite targets. Sure enough, Ponyboy is attacked by a carload of Socials when he’s in a vacant lot, just minutes from his home. Luckily his older brothers Darry and Sodapop and the rest of his gang Steve, Two-Bit, Johnny, and Dallas come to his rescue and chase away the Socials. We learn that Ponyboy and his brothers lost their parents recently in a car accident. So its up to Ponyboy and his greasy gang to keep themselves out of trouble.

I chose this book because I Didn’t want to read stargirl and it looked interesting so I went with it. A great part in the book that show a lot of friendship and loyalty is when Ponyboy proves his on point at home when he and darry start to lose for one another, their home becomes a place of anger and mistrust.

“You take up for your buddies no matter what they do. When you’re in a gang, you stick up for the members. If you don’t it isn’t aging any more. It’s a snarling, distrustful, bickering pack.”

I felt that Ponyboy had a lot of perseverance in this quote to stand up to his brother and stand for his gang. he has a lot of loyalty for the gang and it plays a big part throughout this good book that’s why I would give it a 9 out of 10 just because it wasn’t my favorite book it could have been better in my opinion.


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1 thought on “Alex’s Letter Essay #12 “The Outsiders”

  1. Alex,

    Excellent job on including details that would entice others to read this book. I also enjoyed how you included quotes that the main character had made and acknowledged what it meant and how you felt about it. I would have to agree that, based on your description of Ponyboy, that he was showing loyalty towards his friends. I noticed that you mentioned that the book could have been better, what would have made the book better in your opinion?

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