Book Trailer: A Whole Nother Story

The book A Whole Nother Story is written and narrated by Dr. Cuthbert Soup. The story is about a Family that is on the run because the mother and father have created a certain invention that can change the world forever. They must run and get out of any perils. This book contains many action packed scenes and characters that you will fall in love with. If you like comedy and action then you will love this book. It also has a few advice columns put in there by the doctor.

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3 thoughts on “Book Trailer: A Whole Nother Story

  1. Caden,

    I really liked your book trailer Caden. The music and pictures you included really fit the trailer well. You gave a good summary to your trailer that explained a lot! Good job!

    – Michael Farnen

  2. Caden,

    Your book trailer was very well put together. It had a lot of really good information and I could tell that you enjoyed the book.

    Nicely done,

  3. Caden,
    I liked your trailer a lot. I liked how you added a lot of detail without giving away too much about the book. All in all you did a great job!

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