Book Trailer: See You at Harry’s

By:Claire and Sumer

See You at Harry’s is a realistic fiction novel about a tragic accident that affects the whole family drastically. In this book, there are a lot of ups and downs (more downs than ups), but Fern, the main character, learns how to get through it with the help of her friend, Ran, who she could have feelings for. Ran is a calm, genuine boy who may or may not have feelings for Fern but when the tragic accident hits, he’s there to guide her through life. There is a lot going on in this family, way more than anyone could imagine. With Sara, Fern’s older sister, she’s getting in trouble for skipping shifts at the family restaurant and for “seeing” someone. With Holden, Fern’s older brother, he’s getting picked on because he’s gay, and then, there’s Charlie, the youngest of the siblings, and the cutest. He’s always the center of attention and he adores Fern. But, this accident that happens, could either rip this family apart or, it could bring them closer together.

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4 thoughts on “Book Trailer: See You at Harry’s

  1. Claire
    I really liked your movie trailer. It had lots of information about the book and doesn’t give away the ending.


  2. Claire and Summer,
    I really liked your trailer. I was really interesting and I liked the music. I have not read the book but I really want to because many people said it was really good.


  3. Dear Clair and Sumer,

    I loved watching your video, I loved reading the book “see you at Harry’s,” I thought it was a very sad and heart warming book too. You had great description and really gave a good reminder of the book.


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