The Maze Runner – Movie Trailer

By Anthony and Justin

The Maze Runner is a science fiction book mixed with a pinch of mystery. It takes place in the future inside a maze that is seemingly endless, nobody has ever found an exit. Every night the maze changes on the outside. In the center of the maze there is a safe spot called the Glade. New people arrive in the glade every month along with supplies, one of the most important supplies is some medicine. The medicine is supplied for a certain threat in the maze, the Grievers. Grievers are the monsters that come out in the night, and they hunt any living thing in the maze.

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9 thoughts on “The Maze Runner – Movie Trailer

  1. I have read and watched the movie maze runner and i really enjoyed both of them. I think the book was better but the movie was also pretty good.


  2. This is a great trailer, I have watched the movie and read the book and I think you did a great job capturing what it is all about.

  3. I like how you gave a nice trailer giving the idea of the movie, without giving too much away. Can I ask what a scrub is?
    Ryan Lauter

  4. I liked the part when you wrote You gotta run for ya lief scrub. That was funny and obviously Anthony who wrote that.

  5. Good job, I have read and watched The Maze Runner and it was one of my favorite, movie-book combinations. After watching your video you put the Maze Runner back into my head like a just rewatched the movie.

    James Burris

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