“Sweet Home Helen Keller”

“Sweet Home Helen Keller”

Lyrics by Mr. Dolecki:


Bus wheels keep on turning

Carry me in to start the day

Get inside, go to the hallway

Hope my locker’s not stuck today


Well I heard Mrs. Burke talk about it

I’ve head Mrs. Kaplan’s really proud

Well I hope my teachers will remember

I put my homework in the cloud


Sweet home Helen Keller

Where ribbons are blue

Sweet home Helen Keller

Where I love to go to school


In middle school, they love to slumber – SNOOZE! SNOOZE! SNOOZE!

But we can’t sleep, too much to do

Now E-L-T does not bother me

‘cuz readings good for me and you, that’s the truth




Now Helen Keller’s got some teachers

And they’ve been known to give a quiz or two –THAT’S THE TRUTH!

But they teach us all so much

And we’re glad we’re here with you



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